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Healing Massage And Pampering

Book a therapeutic massage, reflexology, Indian head massage in your room with one of our therapists.


To find out more or make a booking contact Eleanor Guiver on 01579 324864 or email her on or for a full range of treatments please click on link!massage-holistic-treatments/c4zy


Or contact Deborah Owen for Indian Head Massage on 01503 250041 or 07977401285 email:


Deborah Owen – Indian Head Massage

I qualified as an Indian Head Massage therapist in 2010 and I’ve practised in Cornwall and London since then. I’m also training as an EFT (“Emotional Freedom Technique”) therapist and intend to set up an EFT practice once I’m qualified, to work alongside my Indian head massage practice.


I have been a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation since 1987, and in 2001 I became a Nichiren Buddhist, which has enhanced my work and my life immeasurably, and brings me into tune with my clients on a deeper and more compassionate level, which is reflected in the care and attention I bring to my work.

Indian head massage takes about 40 minutes and is done with the client fully clothed and seated in an ordinary upright chair – the massage starts at the upper back and shoulders, then moves down the arms to the hands, and then back to the neck and head, finishing with some light facial massage.

Clients are very welcome to request a massage using essential oils in either an almond oil base or a coconut oil base. In this case, the shoulders and arms would be exposed and the massage done straight on to the skin.


• Massage without oils: £30
• Massage with oils: £35


Home phone: 01503 250041

Mobile phone: 07977 401285



For other treatment options please see local recommendations.


Please note that any treatments will need to be booked in advance either directly with the Eleanor or Deborah or via Sarah at time of booking your room.