Monthly Archives: May 2015

Wedding Shoot

Yesterday was our Wedding Shoot with Clare Kinchin Photography who just happens to be the most gorgeous instinctive photographer I have seen in ages…her work tells a tale so beautifully, I was really proud to be able to offer up our wedding venue into her safe hands. So many people joined us to work together in a community to ensure that The Cow Shed looked incredibly magical….for me it was a long held dream realised and very emotional when it happened…. My vision finally became reality and it was totally magical. So I can not thank each and everyone of you enough for giving me that gift, you have no idea how much it means to me.

I can’t actually put photos of the finished shoot on our website yet as I am going to offering the shoot to magazines, and they require exclusive rights to the actual shoot, but here are just one or two images of the preparation for it.

Please do tell your friends all about us and look out for information about our Launch Party which will be taking place in the not too distant future with help from the rather wonderful Meadowsweet Vintage Natalie Bryant-Bloom, and hopefully, if she will talk to me again after all the work I asked her to do this time with those just gorgeous floral wedding displays, Judith Coles from Wild at Heart Country Flowers.